You are a God, and I am a Maiden

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190110509 Iris 张瑞瑶

You are a god,

You own every inch of land,

You own every ocean and every island.

You are the only one and the irreplaceable one in the world.

You are exactly the one that I have imagined,

You are also the one I keep in mind.

You are a god.

I am a maiden,

I was once looked down upon,

I never thought I would see the ocean.

I met you, so I became better; one who was able to shine.

I believe it is you who brings me so much fun,

I will try to be a precious stone,

I am a maiden.

Whether it's red, blue, white or black,

Whether it is bright or in the dark,

May my god have spiritual power to leap over every peak.

You must believe that you are a god,

The eternal moon of my long life and my own world.

I was a little mediocre,

But you gave me the first idea to be better,

For you I am willing to become a beginner,

No matter how hard or how bitter,

Just because of who you are.

You are the god of mountains, rivers, and seas,

I am the maiden who, after meeting the god, sparkles,

May my god stay with me and have me in his eyes.

May the god and the maiden join hands, forward in the future, even if it's full of unknowns.

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