7 Very Moments

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しょうかっこうa term that comes from Haruki Murakami's collection of essays Afternoon on Langerhans Island, means the small, tangible happiness and satisfaction from the little things that you vaguely expect that just happen to you. I’ve been always appreciative of this kind of thought. I think it is a very gentle thing to write poetry, especially haiku, which is short but gives people an infinitely artistic beauty. Trapped in the bustle, to give life some serendipity is of more comfort, the beauty reserved in people's hearts is concentrated in the poem; a delicate mind is hidden in each of the letters, like a little shy beast, hiding in the love between the lines sealed with wax, just waiting for the person who unseals it to read the poem when it come out and jump into the eyes’ soft waves of the reader. I prefer words that sound or look natural. Similar to what was mentioned in our first class: what does creativity mean to us? For me, it is the integration of emotions and things experienced and seen, like a jigsaw puzzlea huge puzzle composed of several meaningful fragments which are captured in life, expectable and precious. When the jigsaw puzzle is finally completed, the “patterns and landscapes” it presents is what has been created. So, this is my "jigsaw", captured in life’s moments.


7 Very Moments

The dew is bright upon the hill,

And bright the overhead clusters of mauve,

Yet the day would silence thee soon,

Spring sleeping still,

A petal landed on my windowsill;


Green grass through the ear of golden wheat,

I sought, amid the tangible sheen,

Love what?  My eyes have never seen,

Infuse the grey with subtle lustrous hue,

Oh, the ladybird has salmon wings;


Oh, summers dream,

The psychedelic summer is over,

Weathered along the winter the foolish poet is still to wait,

Terribly sorry,

Lets call it a day;


Cicadas singing in the early summer I love to hear,

The twilight clouds of summer always bring good sight,

The frogs croaked in the fields every year,

Wow, perfect vision of delight!

Having enough to support obscure life;


The maple leaves skate quite silently,

If my youth is doomed to be abandoned,

Please tell me if I can have another second,

That is newly sprung in June,

That is sweetly played in tune.


Decorations deck the snow,

The snow on the ground saying its winter,

I hear the song from the afar I know,

That I’m waiting for thee to come home,

Standing alone underneath the mistletoe.


Array of stars taken to my dreams,

Night has not too long to stay,

Wandering around the hilly land,

Upon the rains being away,

Already, the bell outside strikes three.










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