The Bazaar at the Bottom of the Lake

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The lake has an old legend.

It said that on moonless days, after midnight, when the stars were twinkling, an owl would stand in the tallest tree near the lake and it would guide people to the bazaar at the bottom of the lake. In the bazaar, elves and wizards were selling all kinds of tangible treasures and invisible powers. Whatever wishes were not impossible if you could pay for them.

The people that lived near the lake didnt believe it. On this night, however, a fat little boy named Lucas came. He crossed the muddy path and stood beside the misty lake because he believed that the lake-bottom bazaar was his only chance to get his friend back. Midnight chimed in the distant street, and he stared nervously at the lake, his palms sweaty. An owl snorted across the sky and landed on the tallest tree. The lake was unusually calm, reflecting the sky as if all the stars had fallen into it.

Suddenly Lucass eyes were drawn to the middle of the lake, where the owls reflection was just beside the Big Dipper, close to the seventh star. Is that the entrance to the bazaar? He quickly found a long tree stick near the lake. He walked carefully into the water and clutched the bag on his back and reached into the middle of the lake with the stick. When he did not know what to do next, a strong force under the water pulled him into the water.

Lucas kept sinking but didnt feel that he was drowning. Slowly he opened his eyes and glimpsed the bottom of the lake through the water. Countless fish swam carefree. A circus was performing with a carp swimming through a ring of flames, an octopus was selling his paintings on the street. and a shrimp flew past a bush of kelp.

He was attracted by these wonders. “Wow, I caught a boy! said a carp.

Where, where is this? said by Lucas.

It is the Bazaar, of course!

I want to make a deal.

A deal. Congratulations, you came to the right place; you can exchange everything you want if you have the right thing we want.

Lucas clutched the bag on his back again and agreed. The carp quickly dragged him to his booth. “Here are some memory capsules that will give you unlimited memory, these are shoes can let you run the fastest, and this is a cloak can let you fly in the sky…”

I like these, but I only want my friend to come back!

Who is your friend?”

My dead cat.

A cat, you came here only for a cat?

It isnt only a cat, he accompanied me for five years. I slept with him every night, I ate with it, played with it and …,” as he spoke, he burst into tears.

The carp was moved by the little boy, I can help you, I can help you; please dont cry. You can go straight down this street, and youll find a big black tent. In that tent lives the most powerful wizard in the bazaar. He may be the only person that can help you.

Really? Thank you! He kissed the crap and quickly ran to the tent.

Oh, he kissed me; best wishes to him.

Lucas did not want to delay for a moment, covering his ears for fear that he would forget the purpose of his visit if he heard the voices of the vendors.

He ran to the end of the street without a rest and found the black tent. The tent seemed a little outside of the crowed bazaar. He walked in bravely and saw an old man with long hair. He bowed deeply and said, Hello, hello, excuse me, II want to make a deal with you, grandpa! Ive brought a lot of my toys; these are all of my favorites! If you bring my dead cat back, Ill give you all of these. Then he gave the old man his bag. The old man didn’t say anything; he just emptied out the contents of the bag.

He glanced at these toys frowned and said: Little boy, I dont have any interests in you toys, but you can tell me something about your cat.

Ok, he was my best friend…” Lucas told of all the memories he had about his best friend and cried again.

Ok, ok stop it. You have filled my tent full of salt. The old man tapped rhythmically on the table, “To allow the dead to come back, you may be not able to pay for that.

I can, I can; please tell me!

Your ear!”The old man suddenly gave off a strange smile and grabbed him by his ear. Lucas was frightened by him and the pain that was bursting from his ear. A few minutes later, he nodded his head and said: Ok, I promise you.

The old man then loosened the hand and smiled with joy: Ok, little boy, I wont take your ear or anything tangible, but I want your memories of your cat. So, you will never remember your cat and the purpose you came here. Your effort will have no meaning.

Lucas was confused but he agreed: I wont remember my cat, but he can breathe again, eat again, and play again. Its meaningful. I agree, I agree!

Ok, my boy, now you can think of your cat for the last time! And then a lot of frames of Lucas and his cats memories flew into the water and became many colored seeds.

When Lucas woke up beside the lake the next day, he didnt know why he was there and had a big jar with many colored seeds. He curiously looked at them and found a piece of paper: Little boy, this jar is your most precious thing. Please take care of it. Water it and let it get some sunshine every day. Best wishes for you.

When he came back to home, he did the things instructed by this paper. Although he didn’t know what kind of plant it was, he felt that it was familiar, like a friend that he hadnt seen for a long time. And every night in his dreams he happily played with a cat.



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