A Little Fish

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In the vast sea, there is an undersea forest. Many little fish play happily there. They hide and seek behind the coral reefs. they swing on the water plants, and sometimes, the little fish sneak into the clam shells, steal the bright pearls while the clams are sleeping, and use them to make necklaces.

There was once a small fish, which was gray, and all the fish were unwilling to play with it. Therefore, this little fish always felt inferior.

Unfortunately, the good times for the fish community did not long. One day, a fishing boat came. A huge fishing net covered the entire submerged forest. The little fish were overwhelmed and huddled together in panic. Only the dingey little fish was calm. It knew that as the net poured them into the fishing boat, they could return to the sea with a hard jump.

Who knows, a fisherman saw the gray little fish and picked up the little fish: "This fish looks too ugly and certainly can't fetch a good price." After all, the little fish was thrown away onto the beach.

The fish was sad and felt wronged, and she really wanted to burst into tears. At this time, a small crab climbed onto the beach and wanted to bask in the sun. It saw the crying little fish lying on the beach at a glance and sang this composition: "Little fish, little fish, why are you so disobedient, and ran to the beach?"

The little fish sobbed: "I, I was caught by the fishing net... caught by the fishing net... I miss home..."

The little crab thought for a while: "Well, otherwise, I'll pull you back into the sea." Then he raised his big pliers.  

"Don't, don't!" little fish shouted desperately, "My tail is hurt."

The little crab called out many small animals. The small animals were pushing and pulling, but the little fish are still. "Sorry, little fish. I can do nothing." The little crab shook his head sadly.

"It doesn't matter; let it go," the little fish sighed.

As night fell, the bright moonlight fell on the ground. The little fish sighed softly; when she looked at the sea, her sigh sounded a little like trumpet.

The little fish fell asleep. It dreamed of swimming and hiding behind a coral reef; swinging on aquatic grass; sometimes, it snuck into a shell, stole bright pearls while the shell was sleeping, and used it to make a necklace...


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