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Mint  孙舒敏   190110725

Some short but cute poems from my lively life, which is a part of my campus life.

1. Forgiveness

Spring is coming

I went to break the ice by the stream

The spring hits the head blood

And a torrent of tears

It’s time for flowers to bloom

Spring forgets all about it

Truly forgives me

2. A lot of

When I wave my hands

There will be a lot of hands

When I run on the way

There will be a lot of feet

When the puppy wags its tail at me

There will be a lot of tails

And then

When I play on the swing

There will be a lot of me

3. Light

At night

I took a walk by the flashlight

Used it as a crutch when I was tired

Actually, I leaned on a beam of light

4. The War

Suppose I lived in a time of the war

Others rushed to the front

I only had to stand aside

Shouting “Cheer up!”

5. Eyes

My eyes are big

can hold the deep sea

can hold the blue sky

can hold the whole world

My eyes are also small

Sometimes even two lines of tears

Can not be held

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