Mr. Stone’ s Live Escape Room

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Mr. Stone’ s Live Escape Room

Daisy       Zhang Yidan     190110206

Sept. 3rd.

Dear Lawrence,

It’s been approximately three months since I last wrote to you. Here is some good news which l want to share with you— I have become the owner of a Live Escape Room, a venue for a Live Escape Game, which is located on the underground floor of an office building covering 300 square meters.

Yesterday, my first guests came to play in the live escape game and gave feedback like “Intriguing themes and plots.”, “Horrifying settings. I feel too excited to calm down now.” To be honest, I feel content when hearing such comments. I’d never thought that my designs could reach a superior level because it is my first time in the business of the Live Escape Game; I did it purely on instinct. From finding a desirable location to decorating different rooms according to distinct themes, l have to admit that the whole process was not only time-consuming and energy-consuming, but also shrank my wallet at an unexpected rate. To cut a long story short, I have experienced an indeed tough time over the last three months.

By the way, do you know what a Live Escape Game is?

It can be described as an adventure game which asks the players to impersonate a character and then enter a Live Escape Room to immerse in a specific theme. The players have to escape the room before the allotted time runs out by solving riddles, finding clues and information in the room, and the circumstances in which they find themselves. In most cases, the elements of haunted houses, puzzle games, and detective games intertwine in a Live Escaping Game.

Someone is coming. I will write to you next time.

Best wishes,



Oct. 3rd.

Dear Lawrence,

Just a few minutes before I began to write this letter to you, Mr. Turner left with smile on his face. If I encountered him on the street, I’m one hundred percent sure that I would recognize him immediately (absolutely not for his colorful clothes and distinct hairstyle). He comes to my Room every Thursday, and every time he plays the same game, in which there is no element of horror, and he is a player. Another important point drawing forth almost all my curiosity about him is that this slim man looks more than thirty years old. He is outstanding among my guests for most of whom are young people.

Today, when he ended his game, it was raining heavily outside. Out of kindness, I invited him to stay in my room till the rain lessened some. He agreed. I prepared a pot of hot tea and harbored the thought of hearing some stories from him. Luckily, he spoke.

“To some extent, I’m addicted to that game; I mean, the theme and the plot of that game.” He fiddled with his silver bracelet for a few seconds. “I used to dream of being a lawyer; however, you know, sometimes you cannot take control of your own fate, and there are always accidents. So, till now, it’s still a dream. And I’m smart, to some extent, I think. But it’s usually neglected by others easily. I don’t know why.” After these words, we enjoyed the tea silently.

When leaving, “See you next week.” he said.

The Live Escape Game provides Mr. Turner with a space without restraints on social relations and unchangeable tags. He is allowed to become another person or to become the genuine himself. Only from an hour’s experience of fulfilling his dream and self-approval can he feel reinvigorated.

I think my Room, or what I’m doing now, is meaningful. What do you think?

Best wishes,



Nov. 3rd.

Dear Lawrence,

Today, I want to share something of contrast and contradiction with you.

This afternoon, a young couple appeared in my store. The boy chose the game with the horror settings. He overlooked the hesitation on her girlfriend’s face and said “Don’t be afraid, Honey. I will protect you.” On hearing that, I thought to myself, “Maybe.” After they entered the game room, I watched them on the surveillance video. At the very beginning, the boy put his arm around the girl’ s shoulder. About fifteen minutes later, the boy held the hand of the girl. Then, as a ghost, played by one of my staff members, suddenly grabbed the boy’s arm, he directly ran away and left the girl alone.

Honestly speaking, similar stories have occurred many times in my Room.

The contrast here also reminded me of other cases. For example,a few weeks ago, a young soldier came to play with his friends, you know, vigorous young men. As soon as they saw me, one of them said in a contemptuous tone (I’m not sure, but I think it was contemptuous), “I think the most frightening and difficult one should suit us best.” While, later, continuous screaming came from their room. One of them even clung onto the wall of the room because of fear and didn’t move until the staff brought him out. This was not the end of story. Last week, they came again, and their choice was same as their previous one.

Such kind of stories have occurred more than once as well.

It is true that when facing fear, people are prone to exhibit a contrasting, even contradictory, aspect of themselves. However, whether that is true love or not and whether the soldiers are cowards or not still require some time for thought. And most importantly, why did they come to try again, although many of them may clearly know they still have no possibility to overcome the fear

They fear fear, but they also desire fear. What do you think about it?

Best wishes,



Dec. 3rd.      

Dear Lawrence,

Today is quite foggy.

This afternoon, Mr. Davis came into my store with his employees. He talked with me on the phone yesterday.

“Mr. Stone’ s Live Escape Room, this is Stone; may I help you?”

“Hello, I would like to reserve a live escape game tomorrow afternoon for a team building activity. There will be about 8 people.” The speaking man sounded solemn, even indifferent. By the way, he can’t be young judging from his voice.

“OK, what theme do you prefer? As for a team building activity, I recommend to you one in which a lot of collaborative work are required.”

“I saw the advertisement on the Web that there is a game filled with horror elements in your Room. Do you have it?” He said in a cold voice.

“Yes, we have. But I don’t think that would be an optimum choice.”

“Please reserve the horror one for me. I’m pretty sure we need it. Thank you.”

I thought to myself ‘Oh, my, he really doesn’t know how important the theme is to a Live Escape Game.’ However, he had already said thank you and sounded determined, so l just replied,

“OK, sir, could you give me your name, please.”


“All right; I’m looking forward to your coming tomorrow. Mr. Davis.”

“Thank you. Good bye.”

Then he hung up the phone immediately.

I am capable of repeating the content of our talk to you for there were many strange points. As a leader, he chose the horror theme for a team building activity. And he didn’t give me any opportunity to briefly introduce the settings and plots of that game to him. Most importantly, he said he was pretty sure that they needed it. This is a weird sentence. Why do they need a frightening live escape game?

This afternoon, they came, and Mr. Davis said he wouldn’t play the game. Only his employees would participate.

He is a considerate employer. “Enjoy your game, and I will wait you guys to come out,” he said. I think I even heard a hint of tenderness in his icy voice.

I prepared a pot of hot tea and harbored the thought of hearing some stories from him. Luckily, he did have a story. They are working in a funeral parlor, where tragedy happens every day. Cries of pain and lifeless bodies have almost deadened their senses. Engaging in this work for nearly half a lifetime, he knows that his new employees, who are still young, still need a place to scream, to give full vent to their feelings.

“When I saw the advertisement, I knew that your Room was the perfect place. It is important.” In the end of our talk, he said so with an almost imperceptible smile on his face.

I was shocked at that moment.

My Live Escape Room is important.

Best wishes,



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