Red Shoes

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Red Shoes

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Chapter 1

In a small town full of festive excitement, the streets are bustling with people. The grand annual ball was about to begin. It was the most celebrated event of the year in the town, a golden opportunity to enjoy the intoxicating music, the delicious food, and the graceful dancing. Mona put on her favorite little red shoes and skipped off to invite her best friend Linda to the ball. The little shoes clicked merrily in the sun. “Da da da da..." Suddenly, there was a harsh sound of rapid braking, accompanied by the sound of a person falling hard to the ground...

Chapter 2

A few lively sparrows were hopping about on the branches, now rising, now falling. A group of children were playing football excitedly on the grass, the ball flying up and down. Pedestrians shuttled back and forth on the road. Mona was peering through a gap in the curtains from her dark bedroom. The sight out of the windows was so harsh and painful in her eyes.

Her legs had been paralyzed for nearly 11 months. Mona pinched her legs so hard that she wished she could feel the pain, even at the cost of tears. In fact, however, her tears could only flow for the lack of feeling in her legs. The old red shoes were gathering dust on the shelf next to her bed and looked very lonely in the dark room.

She hadn’t been to school since the car accident. Every time after school, before going home, Linda would insist on coming to Mona's window first, sharing the news in the school with her for the sake of relieving her sorrow and making her feel better. On this day, Linda excitedly narrated the tug-of-war competition held in the school. As she recounted with relish the comical appearance of a little fat man getting up after a fall, Mona closed the conversation with a furrowed brow, excusing herself as wanting a rest. “I fell down as well, but I am unable to get up anymore. What a miserable creature I am!” She said desperately to herself.

At night, as she lay in bed, she had a picture of herself growing old in a wheelchair behind the curtains. “Let me get my healthy legs back! Please! Even if just for one day! I'm dying for this real happiness.” She shouted with tears in her eyes. The night before her eyes was dimmed by tears. Suddenly, there was a brilliant light on the windowsill. An elf flew to her bed, waving his wings and holding a magic wand in the shape of a star.

“Dear friend, I can help you to have your wish met. Every night, two stars will be put on your beautiful red shoes so that you can stand up again and do what you want to do. But you have to make sure that when you put them on every night, if you're ever in a situation where you need to lend a hand to others, you have to do it right away. And be sure to put the shoes in their place before dawn, so that the stars can return to their home the sky.” Mona rubbed her eyes in shock. Her red shoes sparkled in the night, with a pair of beautifully twinkling stars on them. She put on the shoes in disbelief. She burst into tears the moment she stood up and touched the ground again. It was such a familiar but strange feeling. She sincerely bowed her thanks to the elf. And she couldn't wait to run to Linda to share this amazing joy. Linda woke up from her sleep. It was such extraordinarily good news that she hugged Mona excitedly. They made a pact to go out and play together after dark ever day.


The next night, they met to see a wonderful fireworks display in the park. The park was in a atmosphere of jollification. They ran merrily and joyfully through the crowd. The fireworks show had just begun, and the two of them were deeply fascinated by the magnificent spectacle. Colorful and flowery fireworks bloomed in the night sky, lighting up their smiling faces.

Suddenly, Mona heard a small child crying. It turned out to be a child lost in the crowd. What the elf had said immediately came into her mind. So, she took Linda to help the child find his mother at once.

By the time they returned, the fireworks had finished. Then she returned home to put her red shoes back in place punctually. “Although I didn't get to see the fireworks in its entirety, it was a great pleasure to be able to help others.” She closed her eyes, silently thanking the elf and looking forward to the next night.

Chapter 4

A new night came; she went with Linda to buy the most famous loaf of bread in town. As it was already very late at night, they ran as fast as they could. They were waiting in line out of breath, but excited and delighted.

When it was their turn, Mona noticed an old man staggering across the road crowded with people and vehicles in the distance. The words of the elf rang in her ears again. She looked back at the tempting bread in the window and then ran away to help the old man with Linda.

When they came back, the bread was sold out. She went home with some regret and returned the shoes and the stars. She closed her eyes and felt happy and thankful, but she felt as if something was missing.

Day by day went by, and every night Mona's happiness seemed to be disturbed by some good deeds. She began to feel a sense of grievance. Gradually, she felt aggrieved and dissatisfied when she had to devote part of her own time to helping others with such a short time of wearing her shoes.

When she closed her eyes, the sincere gratitude in her heart was replaced by a prayer that no good would have to be done the next day.  

Chapter 5

The annual ball was about to begin again. Mona couldn't wait to attend it. She considered it as a source of her joy. She took Linda's hand and ran to the party. All the pain she had been through seemed to vanish at this moment.
 Suddenly they saw a lamp teetering on the side of the road. It made a terrible squeak in the gale. Linda suggested that they get an adult to fix it right away. But this time, Mona looked at her watch knitting her brows. She said stoutly, "The dance is just about to start. We mustn't miss it. So we could be right back and fix it in time after our ball.” Linda nodded worriedly.

Mona and Linda danced to the music to their heart's content at the party. Mona felt like the happiest person in the world. During this period, Linda tried to persuade Mona many times to go back and fix the road lights. But Mona just said impatiently, "There's still time!" She danced deftly in her little leather shoes in the golden hall. People praised her graceful dancing and thought her like a lovely fairy. Mona was so wrapped up in the joy that she forgot to notice the time.

All of a sudden, a man broke down the door and called for help. He said anxiously that the street lamp at the door had fallen and hurt Mrs. Green as she passed by. Mona suddenly awoke from her intoxication and noticed that the night outside the window had grown hazy. The stars on her shoes had faded, and her legs had become stiff. Horrified, she left the dance floor and tried to walk to Linda. Her legs felt as if they were in a swamp, which made it almost impossible for her to move. She hit the ground hard. Linda saw this and ran over. She put Mona on her back at once and ran wildly home. Her thin back was wobbling in the gloom, sweat trickling down her cheeks. They fell down and got up many times on the way, and finally got home before the sun came out and put their shoes back. Mona sat on the bed and looked at Linda, who was bruised and panting. Mona’s tears were streaming down her face.

This night, when she lay in bed, her mind haunted by the words of the elf, Linda's bruised and panting look, the big, rickety street lamp, the scream of the man, and the small leather shoes covered with mud on the shelf.

Chapter 6

The new night came. Mona was still in bed. Her little shoes were covered with mud, but on them, as usual, were two shining stars. The light stung her like she had never felt before. Dawn was approaching, but she didn’t put the red shoes on.

Then the elf appeared again with the magic wand and asked, "Why don't you put on your red shoes to feel happy tonight?"

Mona shook her head and cried, "I realize my mistake. I should always be thankful that you did me such a favor. Moreover, if I had kept my promise instead of coveting my momentary supposed happiness, Mrs. Green would not have been hurt. Thank you, dear elf! Thank you for letting me understand that happiness is actually around me and can easily be obtained without a pair of healthy legs. And even without those legs, I would still have a grateful heart to pass on kindness."

The genie nodded with satisfaction

Chapter 7

The next day afternoon, Linda went to Mona's window right after school as usual, but she didn’t find Linda nor her wheelchair. Suddenly, Mona jumped out of the curtain, grinning.

The stars on her little shoes still shone brightly in the sun of daytime.

Since then, the familiar sound of “Da da da da” has been heard again, both day and night, on the streets.

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