The Diver

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The Diver

Gabriel    王晓航    190110408

2100 A.D.

This is the 22nd century; human’s had existed on earth for millions of years. With the development of science and technology, mankind had completed the fourth industrial revolution, entering the era of AI as they had always wished to. Tall buildings tower into the clouds, and various kinds of aircraft shuttle back and forth.

Anchor one: “Good morning and welcome to Daily Earth. Heres todays news!”

Anchor two: “The stock market has risen steadily for 60 consecutive days. A bright future for the economy is waiting for us.”

Anchor one: “People around the world are welcoming the 7G era. It takes only one second to download a 24K Blu ray blockbuster.”

Anchor two: “The new generation of bionic robot is officially on duty! They will serve every aspect of peoples life!”

Anchor one: “The global sea level has risen another 1cm, but....”

Both: “It doesn't matter at all!”

2169 A.D.

Blue, endless blue. The earth, once teeming with life, is now a planet of oceans. What can be seen is only the old buildings, struggling to get their heads out of the water, lingering on with their last breaths. Among them, there is a radio station with a giant radar, half-submerged, and somehow it is still working.

“Hello, hello, is there anyone?”

“This is Levi. If you’re listening, if you're alive and need help, please go to the waters west of the Central Financial Building this afternoon. I’ll wait for you there, over.”

No response.

A man in a wetsuit stands at the top of the radar, looking at the calm, inanimate sea. Next to him, a submarine is floating on the water.

That’s me. I am Levi, maybe the only living person in this world.

Several years ago, a great flood engulfed this place. Actually, I can't remember exactly what happened at that time, but I’m sure I was working in the nuclear submarine, and that's why I survived. Over the past few years, I have been repeating one action every day---searching for survivors. Every morning, I come to the radio station near the Central Financial Building to broadcast, and then search for survivors in one area after another. The only thing that can be called a pastime for me is probably listening to the radio, for many years, over and over again.

Radio: “People around the world are welcoming the 7G era. It takes only one second to download a 24K Blu ray blockbuster.” “The new generation of bionic robot is officially on duty! They will serve every aspect of peoples lives...” The rest was somehow lost, and I couldn’t remember that, either.

I have listened to this broadcast so many times that I could even recite it backwards fluently. But still, I love to listen, listen to the voice of that era, that era of vitality. In fact, the past few years have not been entirely fruitless. I have made a friend, whose name is Fool, a shark that often follows me around when I am searching in the water. At first, I thought he considered me as his food, but after a long time, he still didn't show any intention of eating me. So, there are only two possibilities: one, he is a poor guy with some mental problems. The other, I am a fool who believes lonely souls are always attracted to each other, no matter what they are. In other words, either he or I am stupid. Well, I certainly prefer the former, and that’s how he got the name.

The underwater world is very interesting. You can often see different scenery: large plankton wandering between the houses, small fish shuttling in and out of the windows, and the original asphalt road covered with coral and grass. But I still hope such scenery can hide at least a few humans. Occasionally the radio in my cabin has picked up some signals, but every time that I have looked excitedly for its origin, I’ve only found that it was either from an abandoned radio station or from outer space.

Hope is like a light shining into the deep sea, which only rewards you with darkness. Day after day, I become more and more desperate. Maybe it's true that I'm the only survivor. Oh, I forgot, and my friend Fool.

Today, as usual, I stand on the top of the radar and broadcast what I have already said countless times: “Hello? Is there anyone? OK, no one... But just let me say one more time...I am Le...”

“Hello.” A voice comes from the radio, short and stiff.

“Hello.” It repeats again.

“Hello? Hello!” I am stunned for a long time and finally open my mouth to respond.

“Hello, Levi.” Although stiff, it's not hard to recognize its friendliness.

“Hello! You received my message?”

“Yes, I received your message,” it replies quickly.

“Oh, oh! I am...I am Levi!” I am so excited that I could hardly arrange my words.

“Nice to meet you,” it says.

“Nice to meet you! I... I have a nuclear submarine...Where are you? Are you in trouble? I can go to save you right away!” Thinking of my duty, I say this urgently.

Nuclear submarine?” The voice seems to rise a little.

“Yes, yes! I have a nuclear submarine.” I answer.

“My coordinate is 0D13 AC2E 43F2.”

“OK! Wait me there. I am coming!”

“Thank you.,” It replied friendly.

“You...you’re welcome!” I am on cloud nine.

With the signal off, I set off excitedly toward the location.

I haven't felt this way for a long time. No, I've never felt like this before---as if my whole body is filled with electricity. The thought (that there’s another human being still alive) breaks up the dull, dead gloom of the ocean floor.

On my way into the submarine, I continue the conversation with the man.

“My name is Levi. how about you?” I ask.

“Hello, Levi.” He doesn’t answer my question.

Well, he is a little shy. Never mind. Thinking about this, I continue: “What did you do before?”

“Organize the shelves.” He answers.

“How to do that?” I ask again.

“Paper books, zone A. Daily necessities, zone B. Electronic products, zone C...”

Every word he says is full of the breath of the old life. I begin to miss that fascinating time. Although I can't remember it exactly, I still miss it.

“...Fresh food, zone J. Do you understand?” He asks.

“Ah? I am sorry... My mind slipped away.” I feel embarrassed.

“I’ll repeat,” he says patiently, “Paper books, zone A. Daily necessities, zone B...”

This time, I don't interrupt him and listen carefully.

I come to the place that once seemed to have been a prosperous block. On the outer wall of the high-rise building, there are posters of famous singers in the past. But somehow, perhaps because of the pressure, as I move deeper into this area, the air in the water slowly falls silent.

I swim through the water, struggling to find the person. But vaguely, I feel something is wrong. Suddenly, a dark shadow floats past behind me. Quickly I turn, but it is too late.

The next second, a knife goes through my chest. I can’t feel anything but intense pain. I twitch, and my blood reddens the water. I am gripped tightly by the throat and pinned to the ground, unable to regain my strength. Gradually, my vision fades...

“Paper books, zone A. Daily necessities, zone B... I need to... survive...” I hear something like this.

“Sorry......Goodbye.” says the voice, still stiffly. As it disappears, the submarine slowly faded out of my sight.

Lonely...I feel so lonely.

Not for being betrayed by this strange human being. But because... he's not human at all.

He is a bionic robot that organizes the shelves.

In this world, perhaps its true that I am the last human being.

I'm the fool. Lonely souls can never get echoed.

Thinking of this, I cry out in despair: “If so, what's the meaning of existence? What is the... meaning...”

My last words, mixed with the sound of electric current, running through my skin, my body and my mind, more painfully than any other time, grows smaller and smaller as the energy drains away.

I... know...the...rest.... Eager to say something, I open my mouth, but what I could make is only more sizzling and popping noises. My consciousness is blurred. Gradually, I close my eyes.

The last second, I see Fool. In its mouth is a piece of artificial skin, which reads, LEVI-107p.

Anchor one: “People around the world are welcoming the 7G era. It takes only one second to download a 24K Blu ray blockbuster.”

Anchor two: “The new generation of bionic robot is officially on duty! They will serve every aspect of peoples lives!

Anchor one: “This group of new bionic robots, equipped with artificial intelligence, have the ability of self-learning and evolution.”

Anchor two: “They will no longer be used in simple situations such as supermarkets, factories... But to go into the coastal areas to participate in the Marine search and rescue...”

Anchor one: “This is the first time that the technology giant LEVI, has used intelligent machines in rescue situations.

Anchor two: “You say, will they evolve the sense of self-consciousness?”

Anchor one: “Maybe they will, but...”

Both: “It doesn't matter at all!”


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