Cosmetic Potion

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Cosmetic Potion

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 The young lady sitting in front of the laptop was tapping the keyboard vigorously with her fingertips, making a short and rapid pattering sound. She stopped and put her hand into the snack bag next to her, took out a handful of potato chips, and stuffed it into her mouth, making contemptuous nasal noises from time to time. Suddenly, her hands froze, and she stared at the screen blankly, in which there was a screenshot of a fat and bloated woman; she was the fat woman who was vigorously eating out of a large bucket. She scanned the comments one by one. At this moment, she felt that the commenters were all around her, viciously criticized her: "Dead fat pig, ugly!" "Look at how she is eating, it's disgusting!" She felt as if her world was about to collapse, and she slammed the laptop shut with a dull thump.

The girl's name was Jia, and she worked as an actress’s assistant in an entertainment company. Due to her obesity and ugly appearance, Jia often suffered neglect and ridicule from her superior and colleagues at work. This unlucky life had aggravated her dissatisfaction and depression. What she could rely on to relieve her pressure was being a keyboard warrior on the internet and eating crazily.

 One day, on the second month that Jia had closed herself off in the room since the advertising incident, her cell phone suddenly rang, and it turned out that it was a call from the courier who said that her package had arrived.

Jia opened the package, doubtfully, and inside was a bottle of potion. About two weeks ago, Jia had been surfing the Internet and suddenly an advertisement popped up on the page, "Cosmetic liquid, the liquid to a new life ". The tempting advertisement made Jia helpless but to click on it and fill out her own related Information as required. She hadn’t expected that now, two weeks later, she would actually receive this bottle of potion.

Without much hesitation, Jia followed the instruction video, dissolving the liquid in the water and then immersed her entire face into the water.


Standing before the mirror, Jia saw that the flesh on her face was gradually dissolving and disappeared. She pinched her nose with her hand and gently scratched two lines on her eyelids. Jia's facial features were perfectly presented on her face according to her dreams. She now had a prominent nose and captivating eyes. Her long eyelashes quivered slightly, her white and flawless skin revealed a faint pink powder, and her thin lips were as tender as rose petals. Now, she was definitely one of those called Beauty.

Jia walked out of the toilet and ran into her parents, who had just returned from outside. The couple’s expression revealed their horror and confusion: "Who are you? Why are you in my house?"

"You really don't recognize me? I’m Jia, your daughter.

" Are you Jia? Why are you..." Mother pointed at her face with trembling fingers, obviously stunned by the person in front of her. Jia slapped away her mother's hand and said impatiently: "I don't have time to explain to you. Hurry up and prepare 1 million yuan for me. The potion left is only enough for me to change my face, and I have to buy more potion. "

Mother looked embarrassed and tried to hold Jia's hand: "Jia, what's wrong with you?"

 "What's wrong with me? Oh, you still ask me what's wrong? I'm going crazy; why should I be cursed to be so ugly and fat? I’m fed up with my miserable life. Now I have the opportunity to change; you still don't support me?" Jia blamed her parents in a nearly roaring tone.

"We want to make you better, but that is a huge sum of money, and we can hardly raise it in such a short time. We..." Before her father could finish speaking, Jia picked up the fruit knife on the table, which she directly pointed at her neck, yelling: "Give me money quickly, or I will kill myself!"

 "No, no!" The parents almost kneeled down, begging her, "we are gonna give you… give you the money."

After getting the money, Jia found the seller through the contact information on the bottle; a woman with exquisite features and a hot body. Jia put the money on the table in front of the woman. She looked over Jia for a few seconds. After that, she performed the cosmetic surgery on Jia in person.

Jia was very content with the results of the operation; eventually, she became what she had dreamed of. After having her appearance changed, Jia also altered her name. The whole world seemed to be full of kindness towards her ever since she had totally transformed. The convenience store clerk who used to sneer at Jia at the checkout now enthusiastically praised her for her superior looks. Walking on the street, she enjoyed the attention from passer-bys; now, there was never a lack of suitors around her who asserted that they would give everything to her, and even an entertainment company had invited her to become their company's model. Jia felt that she was in the clouds at this moment, intoxicated by the feeling of being loved, pursued, and praised.

After about a few months, Jia felt that some changes had taken place in her body. One day, Jia saw herself in the mirror and let out a scream of "Ah! ". It turned out that her face seemed to have sunken a lot, and there were signs of sagging; she touched her face in incredible fear. She contacted the woman who provided her with the potion and found out that she needed constant repairs to keep beautiful. The thought of becoming ugly and returning to her old life made her feel terrified, "Never; I will never let this happen.

This time, she found the woman to get the potion with her parents’ credit card. The moment she arrived at home, Jia dissolved the potion in the bathtub. She set the alarm on her phone and then lay down in the bathtub.


 "Ah! " Jia shrieked in pain. She did not expect that she would fall asleep in the bathtub. After waking up, she found that her phone had run out of power, and because of having been soaked for a such long time, almost all the flesh on her body had been dissolved, and only the bones could be seen. After her mother heard the scream, she quickly walked into the bathroom and opened the door. Jia, who was nearly a skeleton, slumped on the ground in fright. "Mom! Help me. Help me!" Jia begged her mother desperately. The mother and daughter cried disconsolately on each other’s shoulder.

After calming down, Jia dialed the number of the woman offering the potion. The two met again at the same place. The woman told Jia that now only by transplanting other people's flesh and skin to Jia's body could she restore to her original condition. Without too much thinking, Jia yelled eagerly: Give me the potion! I want it right now . "

 Wait a minute, let's talk about the price first; this time the potion is no longer the original price. If you want it, you must give 3 million yuan; otherwise, you don't want it enough."

Three times higher than before? Jia couldn’t believe what she heard. After several rounds of bargaining, they still didn’t agree on a mutually acceptable deal. Both sides became more and more impatient. It was probably the contempt that had appeared on the woman’s face that finally irritated Jia; for at that moment, Jia seemed to lose her mind. She took out the knife in her bag and pointed at the woman, shouting, " How dare you look down upon me! Give me the potion! Otherwise, you’ll suffer a terrible death. "Under Jia's threat, the woman led her into the warehouse where Jia saw the bottles of potion.


With a squeak, crimson blood flowed down from the woman's neck, and soon she fell into a pool of blood. Seeing the woman's dead, Jia felt relieved. She took out a bottle of potion, and in the power of the potion, the woman's skin and flesh were quickly separated from the bones.


After about half an hour, Jia walked out of the bathroom.


A few months later, on a hanging TV in a noodle restaurant, a new report exclaimed "In the past three months, there have been many missing young women in our city. Until today, no one has been found. Our station will continue to report the latest movement of the case. "

One of the customers heaved a heavy sigh: “Who is the murderer? Why does he only kill young girls?”

Another one: “Nobody knows. It makes everyone feel panic."

There are sighs everywhere in the small noodle restaurant. However, people did not notice that in the corner, a beautiful woman with a gorgeous appearance was eating noodles and what came across her face was a kind of creepy smile.

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